About Beville, or is it “Sis?”

Beville May is a former civil rights lawyer and financial fraud/ employment claims investigator with a passion for travel, hiking, photography, and gardening.  While practicing law, she was instrumental in several landmark civil rights advances.  Today, she seeks a position with a nonprofit where she can work with others to leave a legacy in wildlife conservation.  She is especially keen on ensuring the survival of elephants.  “Beville’s Off on an Adventure” is a blog about this exciting transition.

Known to old friends, especially friends abroad, as “Sis,” the author answers to both names, respecting the “Sis” constituency’s steadfast refusal to go with the Johnny-come-lately and more formal name that became a necessity when Sis start toting a briefcase in lieu of a passport after law school.  (And yes, that may have been a misguided choice from the get go.)

That warm and well-loved crew will no doubt find itself on familiar ground when this blog wanders off onto tangents having nothing to do with career transitions — ruminations on subjects as varied as how our dogs select us or what on earth happened to the conditional subjunctive or the object of the preposition?  After all, what’s a well-crafted ‘mot juste’ from Sis unless it’s an exegesis wandering around as a supremely self-confident non-sequitur?!

So, kick off your shoes, pick the nom de plume that most appeals to you, and come along for the ride on what a Colgate pal has dubbed, “Sis’s most excellent adventure!”

The briefcase-toting Beville ...
The briefcase-toting Beville …
Sis adventuring in New Zealand, 2010
a.k.a. Sis, the adventurer, hiking in New Zealand’s magnificent Southern Alps.

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